Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Liquor on the Edge of a Rocks Glass

Liquor on the edge of a rocks glass
Slowly slipping
dripping into waiting lips.

Vice twisting and manipulating
marionette strings on your mouth
The devil's prose seeping into your ears.
Guiding, like an eye dog
toward the flaring furnace

The red hand snatches
delicately, at first.
Now gripping like a constrictor
every free willed movement.

Toward the night,
mannequins wander.
Empty headed simpletons
toward the holy flow,
of the blue veneered glass
on the reassuring bottle.

The puppet show commences
to form a slurred dance
on ashen ground
The earth shakes,
to the dangerous tones.

The fruit's been eaten tonight,
nothing is forbidden here.
The drones continue their contortions of desire
Eyes glaze, bodies clash
the fire continues to burn

Lips touch,
bodies merge.
Cerberus devours inhibition.
Your mechanical essence
Snaking further into the dark hole.

Shadows on the wall
break like waves
eating one another
ending in pitch black.
Desire fades away,
Lust soaks into the cracks.
Sober souls awaken
Their minds consumed into,

Forever darkness.

Saturday, September 12, 2009


I saw them again. The same people from before. They were still busy with something I couldn't understand.It was a guy and a girl, at least, it looked like a guy and a girl. They both had this long scraggly hair. One of them had a thick black beard that connected to the messy long hair.I classified him as the man. The two of them had on black work gloves, and moved through the night silently. I was watching from the window of my office, bored of work. It was close to midnight. My reports had gone un-filed, but I could not look up from this scene on the street. Could these men be crooks, or drug dealers ? They looked like lowlifes. Regardless, these people obviously had a plan, they were set to do a job of some sort. You could tell by their unwavering footsteps. They moved with precision. One carried a black case, the other held nothing.
"Jason, did you get those reports? "
My head jolted up from the window.
"Oh.. yeah. I'm finishing them right now"
"Good, Rick needs em' tomorrow"
My boss Steven then left. He and I were the only ones at the office this late at night. I doubted he cared about my lack of work. I'm sure he was in his office playing Tetris, just as mindlessly as I was spying out the window. I looked back out.
I couldn't see them anymore. They had gone missing. Where were they?
Ah, there they are. The duo was now at the doorway of an abandoned building. They had their backs to the wall. Something off color was certainly going on. I rolled my office chair a little closer to the window, so I could get comfortable. The subjects were still leaning against the wall, under the concrete ceiling. Smoke from their cigarettes was snaking up the building. I continued to watch, mesmerized.
In my mind what would happen next would be a grand bank heist, or drug deal gone wrong. One of them would get shot, and limp toward the getaway car. The all black van would speed around the corner, and they would throw the money, or drugs, or whatever inside, and speed off into the night.
But still they leaned, smoking their cigarettes in the dark. I watched them for another three minutes before losing my faith in an exciting climax. I slumped back in my chair, about to lose interest, when I suddenly saw the door open next to them. A short man in a suit walked out, and shook the ring leader's hand. My head perked up, surely this would be the drug deal, or some kind of illegal business. What excitement! My eyes were glued out the window.
" Hey Jason, I'm going to the vending machine... do you want anything? Hey what are you looking at?"
My boss walked over curiously.
"Shh... There's these strange people about to do something out there"
"Oh yeah?"
My boss leaned down next to the window and looked out as well.
"I don't see anything."
" There, next to the Law Office. A guy and a girl I think. With the black hair"
"Oh.. I see.. weird lookin' bastards. I think it's two guys."
We were both glued to the conversation that they were having, but we couldn't hear. We watched their lips moving frantically like typewriters, mouthing pertinent instructions. My heart was speeding.
Suddenly the suited man vanished back inside the building. The duo waited once more, inhaling cigarette fumes. The bearded man slyly pulled up the briefcase.
This could be it! Surely drugs or a bomb were contained within.
I felt a chill in my stomach. Steven stood deathly still. We watched intently.
"Maybe we should turn the lights out, so they can't see us." Steven said.
"Good idea."
He slowly crept up and went to the lights, and clicked them off. The room fell dark. He returned to his stoop next to me, looking out the window. The two humans were almost kneeling down with this case propped up. Steven and I could not look away, the moment of climax was about to unfold, right in-front of us!
"Ring ring ring," a cell phone beckoned.
"Holy shit!"
We both jumped a mile high.
"God dammit...Sorry, that's my kid texting me, I'll turn it off." Jason said, gasping for air.
My heart was pounding like a war drum.
We still watched outside, our heads crowding the window. My brow was gushing sweat.
At long last more figures appeared in the door.
"Should we call the police?"
"No no, just... just wait... after"
The short suited man lead out another guy, who was blindfolded. The original two crooks opened the box with excitement at the man. The suited man ripped off his blindfold. You could see the words mouthed " surprise! ". The formerly blindfolded man jumped in surprise. He had just gotten a birthday cake. A birthday cake ? That's it ? We were both holding our breath.
After about thirty seconds of silence, Steven stood up.
"Well.. Jason... I have to get back to my office."
"Yeah, I thought something else was going to ..."
Suddenly a car squealed to a stop in front of the building. A door opened, and two shots were fired. The man and suspected girl jumped into the van, and it sped off, as fast as it came. All that was left were two bloody bodies, and a spattered cake, ruined on the ground.
"Holy shit!"
Steven had his arms around me, and mine were around him. We were deathly still and scared.
"Some birthday", said Jason.

Thursday, September 10, 2009


And with that we were shooting off in millions of different directions. The little ones shot the furthest. The bigger ones sank down quickly. We were out of the flesh prison at last. We floated down to mother earth, desperate to survive. Some found tiny cracks and crevasses to hibernate in, others were fortunate to find another host. Another prison. But this prison had much more potential. We gathered together and set up camp inside this new cave.

This new attack would have to be planned just right. For the first fortnight we hid in the shadows and compiled information. We analyzed all of the weak points of the structure. Alas, it was time. We floated down toward the dumb guards and overtook them almost immediately. We feasted on genetic material. The more skilled members moved quickly and quietly toward the command center. Once inside they overthrew the king. We had taken over. New instructions would now be necessary.

Make more clones, we demanded, at once! Within a brief window of time millions of factories were spitting out mirror images of us. We were winning the war. In time we would take over the entire host, and have our own nation. Reports were coming in daily from other cells. We were making headway. It was almost time to abandon this post, and seek fresh meat. Our host cell was becoming red and bloated, and it looked as if it were about to burst any day now.
Finally the day was upon us. We got word from head command that we would need to move out. Sure enough there was a large rupture in the cell that became our home for so long. One by one we slithered out. The landscape on the outside was cavernous and mysterious. Our army of foot soldiers assembled, and we moved out toward the unexplained future. As we advanced further and further we could see the ruins of destroyed cells littering the land. We also saw cells in the process of takeover. We were getting closer to our dream. Total domination of the host. We saw our new target in the distance. A small, sturdy looking bubble of life. There was a problem, however. Between our army and the cell lie a huge obstacle. We were faced with a dangerous and violent looking opposing force. They were stark white, and armed to the teeth. Their ranks were organized and ready. At their helm, a commander loomed, ready to pounce. These white cells looked to stop us from advancing on the new target. Battle was inevitable. We prepared ourselves as best we could. Our swarm engaged the enemy. There was much carnage. The battlefield was littered with genetic material. Spindles of DNA, chunks of RNA, proteins and fats. We had lost. It is as if they knew all of our weak points. The white cells moved among our corpses like foxes. They gorged on our material and became stronger with each chomp. We were too late.

All along the colony our kind was being destroyed. These superior white blood cells were battering us. They knew everything. All of our plans. Their numbers were growing, as ours were dwindling. This was our eradication. When the last of us fell, the white cells let out a triumphant roar. They had won. But our kind will persevere. In bodies across the world. We will spread our code.