Saturday, June 20, 2009


What beautiful eyes you have.
Yes you.
You slender metal beast.
You are the God of the city.
I see you looking at me.
With your brilliant green eyes.
You tell me in code.
I can't go now.
I'd rather sit and stare.

Loud noises and angry energy attack me.
But I am transfixed.
What's that?
Oh.. you're so clever
you changed for me.
But only for a second.
a moment.

Ah, finally
You're blushing.
I am.
I am here for you.
What do you wish me to do, wise one?
You have my complete attention.
You have yet to blink once.
I'm impressed.
I hope I don't anger you.
Have I ?
More confusion.
Do you not adore me?
Was it the way I looked at you?
I hope to make amends
what's that in the distance?
Another pair of eyes.
These don't seem so kind.
Racing toward me,
with sparkling colors.

Why did you trick me
I thought you were trying to tell me something
but now
it's time to go away
to the steel jungle
for a long time.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Restauranteur

"They're usually pretty good" Tom said as he eyed the lump of organic matter on his dinner platter.
"Oh yeah? "
Smith reached over and poked the oddly colored mess. It responded to his poke by continually jiggling.
"What's this place famous for? I hope its not the eggs."
" I'm telling you,they're usually much better, maybe I'll check the kitchen, see what's up."
Tom got up from the creaky table and looked at the door to the kitchen. "Employees Only."
"So you're going to just walk in?"
"No, don't worry I know someone who works back there.. I'm just going to take a quick peek."
"Who do you know?"
"Uh... a kid named Ted.. or Taj or somethin.... I'm goin in".
Tom cautiously approached the door, but just as he was going to open it, a loud rumble shot out of the kitchen. Tom got a scared face and froze in his tracks.
"Someone's gonna see you, get back here!" bellowed Smith, trying to coax his moronic friend back to the booth.
" I gotta see what's inside" He walked closer to the door. Right as he was about to touch the handle, a sly looking waiter grabbed him by the shoulders.
"....And where are we going? Don't you know the kitchen is off limits?" He had a creepy smile with an extra creepy mustache.
"Let me show you back to your table, does anyone want dessert today?"
Tom sat back down at the booth begrudgingly.
"No dessert, just the check please."
"Let's get the Christ out of here" said Smith.
"Yeah... i guess we could go.. but I need to find out what's in that kitchen.. I'm coming back tomorrow. "
"Yeah, well good luck with that, I'm not coming back to this shithole again."
"Give me one more shot to get in the back, I saw something weird."
"We'll see."
They paid their check, left a poor tip, and fled the empty diner.
To be continued?

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


"Make it two"
I said to the clerk.
"Two candy bars" I reiterated.

I leafed through the free daily papers on the counter. "does anyone ever take these?" I asked the young cashier.
" Only people like you," he wittily replied with a smirk.
" Like me?" I pointed to myself. " What are you tryin' to say?"
"Uh.. nothing.. never mind"

The clerk handed me my two chocolate bars with added haste. " Now you take care," he said and turned around to the television which was playing old cartoons. I grabbed my merchandise and threw a dirty five dollar bill on the counter. I then slithered out of the crummy convenience store back to my bungalow on the third floor of the 57 building. I wheezed as I reached the summit. I must have gotten fatter. I glanced at the candy bars. I waddled to my apartment door, fished in my pockets for my key, opened the door, and made a b-line for the couch. I rolled over the arm rest and settled into my usual Thursday night slump. I figured I would probably not move until the morning. My eyes began to get heavy as I prepared my body for some sleep.
Suddenly I heard a buzzing noise. My body jiggled as I jolted awake. What the hell was that buzzing ? I stubbornly grasped the armrest and hoisted myself up to investigate. The noise continued to beckon me. I followed it to the door. It was the intercom. I had never used the intercom. I answered it cautiously
"H.. hello ?"
"I got a special delivery fer Lewis, are you him?"
"Uh.. yeah.. this is him.."
"Well come down 'n get yer package boy!"
"Alright.. I'm comin' down."
I let out a large sigh and made the journey down three agonizing flights of stairs. I left the apartment building and saw a very short, stout man in a suit. He held a large package in his short stubby arms.
"You Lewis ?" he yelled to me.
" Yeah.. what do you want?"
"I want to give you yer damn package that's what." He puffed on a short cigar as he eyed me.
" Well here I am.. give it to me already." I waved my arms at him.
"You gotta sign fer it." He produced a clipboard out of the back of his pants.
"Jesus what else?"
He handed me the clipboard slowly.
" Ya better not pull any shit with me."He waved the clipboard at me." I may look small, but i'll wallop yer fatass."
I looked at him with a confused look.
" You heard what I said, now sign the damn thing."
" I think you could be a little nicer to me, and give me my package."
"Your package? You weren't even expecting it."
He spit on the ground.
"Okay buddy calm down."
The man stomped out his cigar, and yelled.
"C'mon out boys!"
Suddenly three more short, suited men rounded the corner of the building.
" Take his fatass out"
The three miniature thugs beat me up and left me in the street dazed and bloody. The leader looked at me.
"that's what you get for making fun of midgets!"
He threw the package at me. It opened up to reveal nothing. I had just been thrashed by a gang of midgets for something I uttered on a bus weeks ago. And this was my life...


This is my "graduated from college" and feel like a loser blog. I think I will use this blog mainly to write down random stories or poetry that I write when I am feeling creative. Feel free to critique it.. or not.