Saturday, December 18, 2010

The Moon Leaves

The moon said,
I've had it
and got the fuck out of there.
Went straight south.

Took a dip in the cool pacific tides.
The sky shone black for several hours,

The crabs on the beach looked up
What the hell?
they thought,
as they scuttled about
on the cold sand,
beneath the dark sky.

Soon however, the sun poked its dumb head up.
Miss me?
He yelled, with a fresh drunken swagger.

What a lush
The crabs agreed.
The sun stumbled around in the young sky.
Spilling drink onto the beach.

Did the moon tell yas?
He stammered.

The crabs just looked with confusion.
That son of a bitch.
Yeah, he's leaving.
Doesn't like my yellow ass no more.

The sun puffed his cigarette, and blew smoke all over the sky.
Yeah, I think this is it for good.
I think he ran off with one of the other space rocks,
some gay comet or something
Haley... Who the fucks knows.

The sun swished his drink around, spilling huge drops on the beach.
They formed huge pools.
Man do I miss his craterous skin,
He said, sulking.

The crabs below just looked up at the bright sun.
Why's he telling us this?
They wondered.

Well.. I hate being all alone..
The sun slurred.
I'm gonna try to get him back
He flicked his cigarette, and it fell to the earth,
destroying a hotel complex.

The sun then turned his yellow bulbous body,
and vanished into the sky.

What the hell happens now?
The crabs pondered,
As the ice closed in
from all around.